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General mayhem

Lots going on in my life. Fortunately, the class I'm in is starting out today by introducing SVN, and Katie is at a conference at Elon, so she isn't online to distract me. So you get a post!

Fritz's Index--
1st author papers accepted to conferences since my last post: 2
1st author papers accepted while at Wash U: 0
Months at UNCC: 5
Conferences I'm attending this spring: 3
Number of these that take place on land: 2
Months I've been happily involved with a lovely girl: 3
Hours in which I wrote a game over Superbowl weekend: 48
Days till Charlotte Ikea opens: 7

That's the short version. I had papers accepted at FDG (the game cruise) and FLAIRS (Florida AI Research Symposium). Last night I sorted out my transportation and lodging to San Francisco, and registered for GDC (Game Developers Conference). Just got an expo pass, but it's mostly important to go. This is two first author papers for me in the five months since I've been here.

Katie is wonderful. I feel like an idiot much of the time; it turns out I'm far dumber about relationships than I realized. She puts up with it though, and I think I'm getting better. The friends she's met like her, too. She's really busy with school, busier than I ever was even with SCCS, and I was no slacker in SCCS. It's sad to not see as much of her, but I guess that's what I get for preferring smart, ambitious girls. Maybe she'll actually inspire me to work a bit harder myself; January was a sort of slack month.

Over superbowl weekend, I (Katie too, she actually did the large part of the organization) participated in the Global Game Jam. I'll post the game here sometime later, but we're having troubles with the installer, so it's not worth doing so now (you'd need Visual Studio 2008 and XNA 3.0 to build it). It was exhausting, but a lot of fun. My team made a cool game which forces the player to reorient the controller as s/he moves through the world. I wrote a full tile engine with XML-based levels and some other fun stuff over the course of the 48 hours. Almost all of the coding was mine, while the others on the team actually designed the game and made art assets; I really can't claim credit for the idea. Katie's team made a ridiculously fun (and completely ridiculous) choose-your-own-adventure style game called Bunny Adventure?. It must be played. Technically I'm on her team too, but I only helped to name the main character.

Apart from that, it's mostly just been lots of school. I did build a new gaming machine which is hooked up to my TV, but haven't been playing as much as I anticipated. I need to spend some time looking around to find some good games to play... (Any suggestions?) Especially need to find games with good AI, since I'm thinking I'll try going into the game industry after graduation.
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