Fritz (entropydevice) wrote,

End of semester part 2 / Beginning of the semester

Okay, so I'll need to remember to never call a post part 1, because then I'll get repeatedly harassed to write a part 2.

Semester ended somewhat painfully-- I may have flipped out a little bit after getting my projects turned in, because I still had two papers to write. One of those did not get written, so I am not in contention for a doctoral consortium spot at FDG. My FDG paper itself did not get written until I was in Richmond for two days and in a bit of a constant state of headache. It came out pretty well; hopefully it will get in.

Christmas was great; Bella is still insane, and cute, and got a truly shocking number of presents. I got a number of interesting items, and some of the parts for my new gaming system. Given the time spent on the paper, there wasn't much time to catch up with friends in Virginia...

After catching up with Katie briefly in NC, New Year's was at a beach house in Charleston with a bunch of friends from St. Louis. It was great to see Nisha, Michael and Rachel, and nice to have a car while there this year, as we got out to a few of the local places for lunch more than the previous year.

Then last weekend, it was back to spend some time with Katie, and to work. It's probably going to be a rather difficult semester, with taking classes, TAing, and a major research deliverable. I'm also trying to do my proposal this semester; hopefully it will come together.
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