Fritz (entropydevice) wrote,

End of the Semester, Part 1

The end of the semester is always unpleasantly hectic. This semester is worse than many, given my general situation, but also because I have groupwork for two classes instead of one. One of these projects is, in fact, my research, but that doesn't make hitting these deadlines any easier. The other is a game, and unfortunately not all of the people in the game are experienced coders.

That's sort of an understatement, but I'll leave it there. Suffice to say I've been writing a lot of C# and rewriting a fair amount of code in the past week. It's not all been bad code, per se, but mostly inexperienced code. I probably would've written similar code 5 years ago. Except for some of the heinously bad stuff.

The game, Canis Ex Machina, is coming along reasonably. We had a playtest deadline for Monday, but there's still work to do. For now, I have to hold off while I frantically try to add world geometry, adjust the OpenSteer code, add a memory model, and a few other things to my agent architecture. The architecture now has a name, as it needed one for the FLAIRS deadline. Meanwhile, the FDG deadline is rapidly approaching-- the 19th.

Poor Katie has been ill, stressed with coursework, stressed with housemate drama, and advisor difficulties. I don't miss being an undergrad; the stress is at least a bit more... Contiguous, if that makes sense, in grad school. The problem sizes are bigger, but there are fewer of them, for the most part. Yesterday we got out of town for the evening, and came back this morning. I met her parents, and helped a little bit with getting their Christmas tree up. Mostly I had delicious food and relaxed; her family is actually a lot of fun.

Tomorrow I dive back into the research project fully for another 36 hours before I have to focus back on C. E. M.... The fun never ends.
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