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Required LJ update:

  • My niece is adorable and fun, but absolutely crazy.
  • Thanksgiving was tasty as always
  • The girl is lovely as always
  • I have actually started my Christmas shopping

Photographic evidence:
From Random Family

From Random Family

From Random Family

My first paper as a UNCC student was submitted Sunday night (Monday morning) before Thanksgiving. I'm pretty happy with the paper, but it's an architecture paper, which is harder to get in. The planned user studies couldn't happen as we didn't have all the models and world information in. They'll happen. Hopefully I'll get all the world geometry in time for the next paper. Here's hoping the first paper gets in though.

I did not get accepted to go to the HRI workshop I attended the past two years. Unfortunately, this means I probably won't go to HRI this year, as I really need the money to go to GDC. I don't exactly know where I'm headed career-wise at this point, but, I'm thinking I may give games a shot.

Katie has been.. great. The happy-to-stressed-out ratio has been so much better than in the past. I met her in the lab, and we got together a little while ago. She'll never let me forget that I initially ignored her as just being another silly cute undergrad, but she's actually fantastic. A bit silly, very cute, and an undergrad, but also very smart, with a breadth of interests outside of CS that overlap and complement my own. She's got great taste in... everything, and.. I'm going to stop going on about her here at the moment, because this is just me saying I'm happy, and not actually providing any interesting stories. I will provide those later.

Briefly: Auto bail-outs, no thank you. Let them fail gracefully. Use the money they'd want for bailouts to subsidize entrepreneurs who want to pick up the assets of any auto companies that do fail, provided that they commit to developing more fuel efficient and renewable power sources for new vehicles. By subsidize, I mean take part ownership of new companies, probably w/out voting rights. We're seeing right now just how much damage the Bush administration can wreak with bank bailouts, so lets just cut this crap right now.

Hillary is a good choice for Sec of State, partially because keep-yer-enemies-closer but mostly because she can hold her own in that position. She'll make a strong Sec of State, which will give Obama a little more breathing room to focus on domestic policy.

And finally, I think I maybe have some game ideas. Katie is pushing me to actually flesh them out more, so once the semester is over and I can relax a little more, I think I might actually try storyboarding some. By storyboarding, I mean that I want to create something that's part game, part novel, and I think the way to go about this the right way is actually to go back to my lighting design coursework. So we'll see how this goes; chances are it'll die before I really get started, but, it would be a nice way to create something.
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